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Spinal Decompression Oakville Relieve Sciatica

Spinal Decompression

The Hill DT Solutions Spinal Decompression table directly targets the damaged discs in the spine. Sensors in the table create a feedback loop allowing the computer to “sense” and adapt the treatment to your body as fast as every millisecond, producing spinal decompression with the gentle, painless separation of the vertebrae. When this happens, the injured nerve is released and you will feel the relief. The table is dramatically faster than the human neurological response and the older spinal decompression tables, making it the best choice for spinal decompression treatment. Even with arthritis stiffness, stenosis or sciatic leg pain this treatment works.

“Spinal Decompression is truly a miracle machine!!!”



Leg Pain


Stiff Back

Pinched Nerve

Back Pain

Herniated & Bulging Disks


A Testimonial: How Spinal Decompression Changed My Life

A Testimonial: How Spinal Decompression Changed My Life

I never would have imagined that a simple spinal decompression treatment could have such a profound impact on my life. Before I started this treatment, I was in constant pain and unable to lead the active life I was accustomed to. I was only 35 when I injured my back...

Non-Surgical Axial Spinal Decompression: Fad or Evolving Treatment?

Non-Surgical Axial Spinal Decompression: Fad or Evolving Treatment?

Imagine for a moment that you are asked to use a new “thing” that looks like a television but has a keyboard and performs mathematical calculations as simply as your calculator. Or try a “wireless” phone, a phone that doesn’t need to be attached to the wall. These are...



“I came to Dr. Geisler as a referral from my medical doctor. After only two treatments I felt the difference in my arm, and I could sleep. The sharp pain down my arm was gone in a few weeks and the numbness was gone shortly after that.”


I can’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep. It’s too good to be true!!!! I’ve recommended Dr. Geisler to both family and friends…Spinal Decompression is truly a miracle machine!!!!!!!”.”


“I herniated a disc and had sciatica down my leg. I was on three percocets a day. Within a week I was off all the medications and able to sleep. Within a few more days the pain had decreased to only the low back and shortly was gone.”

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“It’s like nothing I’ve had before”

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Dr. Geisler was the first doctor in Ontario to use the Hill DT Solutions Spinal Decompression table, and since then has won multiple awards. With more than thirty years of experience treating patients, he has the experience that is required to help treat your pain. He continues updating his education as one of the founding members of the Hill DT Solutions training team along with Dr. Tim Burkhart, Dr. Randy Reed, and Dr. Tom Korsh. Some of his educational achievements include an Honors graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Kinetics – at the University of Guelph, a Doctor of Chiropractic – at New York Chiropractic College, Postgraduate studies in Spinal Decompression, E.M.C.A. – NCAAT.

Dr. Geisler is certified in Ontario, as well as in the United States. He has many years working for the Ontario Ministry of Health, with many letters of recognition. He is also a member of the following organizations: CCO, OCA, CCA and the ACA.

With all the education and experience that Dr. Geisler offers, he continues to be the go-to professional for spinal decompression in Ontario and the surrounding areas.



Dr. Geisler is now mentoring soon-to-graduate, chiropractic students during their final months in school while they are in an internship. This Community Based Clinical Education Program (also referred to as the Externship Program) provides the interns the opportunity to move out into the field under the supervision of an approved chiropractor. Through this program, interns are placed with field practitioners for a portion of their internship to receive hands-on experience in a private practice environment. These field practitioners must meet specific selection criteria before they are able to practice and are closely evaluated according to the Ontario Chiropractic Association

Dr. Geisler

Lynn – Front Staff

Alison – Front Staff

Is this a permanent fix or is it temporary?

Our system was designed and developed to correct the spine problem and the pain, not mask it temporarily.

How long before the pain is gone?

Most patients typically feel the pain decrease after their first treatment. Usually, significant, lasting pain relief occurs by the second week.

Why is it so effective?

Spinal Decompression Healing System treatment uses a clinically proven system to non-surgically decompress the spine and disc (this causes a vacuum inside the disc). The vacuum will pull or draw herniated and bulging disc material, water, nutrients and oxygen into the disc. The retraction of the material into the disc will provide pain relief as it is pulled off the nerve. Anti-inflammation laser therapy is utilized along with proper exercises that are introduced during treatment to stop the pain. Then, muscle building, strengthening and toning exercises for aftercare treatment.


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If we know that our treatment isn’t right for you, we won’t hesitate to refer you to someone who can help. Check out the list of health & wellness professionals in our network.


Many scientific studies have shown that Spinal Decompression is an effective method for treating back pain. A collection of these studies has been put together for you.

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