Who is a candidate for Spinal Decompression Healing System?
Spinal decompression Healing System was designed to treat: sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain, disc bulges, disc herniations, stenosis, facet syndrome, arthritis and degenerative disc disease. Most patients have tried: physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic. acupuncture, medications and injections. Most patients report a 90-100% success rate by the time they leave and a very common phrase is ” I wish I had come in to see you first”. Before you consider surgery, call us.

Is this a permanent fix or are the results temporary?
Our system was designed and developed to correct the spine problem and the pain, not mask it temporarily.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?
No referral is required just, call us to make a consultation.

How long before I am out of pain?
Most patients feel their pain has decreased after their first treatment. Usually, significant, lasting pain relief occurs by the second week.

How does Spinal decompression differ from Spinal Traction and Inversion Tables?
Cruise control on your car monitors the speed of the car and makes adjustments every second to make sure your speed is constant. A decompression table monitors your spinal stretch reflex and makes adjustments every millisecond to make sure the quantity of force applied to you is constant. Traction and inversion tables, don’t have the specificity to isolate the problem or monitor, react and adapt fast enough to treat the pain and the problem.

Why is this so effective?
Spinal Decompression Healing System treatment uses a clinically proven system to non-surgically decompress the spine and disc (this causes a vacuum inside the disc). The vacuum will pull or draw herniated and bulging disc material, water, nutrients and oxygen into the disc. The retraction of the disc material into the disc with provide pain relief as it is pulled off the nerve. Anti-inflammation laser therapy is utilized along with proper exercises are instruced during treatment to stop the pain, and give you muscle building, strengthening and toning exercises for aftercare time.

What is a treatment like?
Patient’s are gently strapped to a table and the table provides an extremely gentle “pull”. The feeling of the pull is not any more than a “pat” on the shoulder or a gentle handshake. Patients feel the decrease in pain immediately and will commonly fall asleep on the table.

What is different about this type of treatment?
1. This treatment focuses on the spine (the disc, vertebrae and soft tissue) and the inflammation of the problem area. Unlike physiotherapy that focuses on muscle strength, unlike chiropractic that focuses on the facet joints, unlike massage that focuses on muscle, unlike medication that is for only pain control, our treatment targets the damaged spine.
2. This is non-surgical, non-medication, safe and highly effective.
3. This is not a band-aid solution. This treatment supports the healing of the damaged discs, adjacent tissue, reduces the immflamation and stops the pain and stiffness for a long lasting freedom from pain.
4. Our success rate is very high partly because we know who we can help and who we can’t. If your condition requires another type of treatment, profession or surgery, we will tell you at the beginning. If you are not improving the way we think you should, we will stop treatment and order additional tests. We always work hard with patients and their individual lifestyle so that together we cure their pain and condition.
5. Return to normal activities. Our first goal is pain control, our second goal is to heal the problem so when you leave, the problem doesn’t come back and our last goal is to get you doing what you once did again.

What is the length of a treatment, how many treatments do I require and what are the costs of Spinal Decompression Healing System?
Spinal Decompression Healing System treatment is usually 20 to 30 minutes with time before and after for other therapy’s. The number of treatments is determined by the severity of your conditions but usually, an initial treatment will be 20 treatments.  The cost of the treatment may be covered, all or a portion what by your extended health care insurance.

What should I bring to the consultation?
If you have any recent x-rays, MRIs or CT-scans, bring them with you. Dr. Geisler will examine them or if you at least have the written report, bring it. Dr.Geisler will look closely at your current health state, reports, previous health tests and discuss your problem and solutions with you before any treatment occurs.
Dr.Geisler will then perform comprehensive tests including nerve, muscle and orthopedic tests as well as take x-rays (on-site) if required. All these tests are non-invasive and painless.

Following the completion of the tests, Dr. Geisler will indicate:
1. What is causing your pain,
2. If the cause of your pain he can treat,
3. Outline the required treatment schedule.

Can I continue working?
Many patients continue working while undergoing our care. If work notes are required, discuss this with Dr. Geisler who will happily write work notes or complete work forms, at no additional charge.

Is this covered by OHIP, WSIB or ODSP?
Our care is not covered by OHIP, WSIB, or ODSP. We are a private clinic, patients pay for their care. If you have extended health insurance, some or all of our services may be covered by your insurance. The majority of our patients do receive at least some coverage for our services.

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